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Upstate Birth - Mind | Body | Baby A comprehensive childbirth education class featuring evidence based birth.
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Greenville-Spartanburg-Birth-ClassesCLASS ITINERARY

Subject to Change*

Class 1:

Introduction to Normal Birth, Healthy Pregnancy through Optimal Positioning and Exercise

Class 2:

Healthy Pregnancy through Nutrition, Making Informed Decisions

Class 3:

Husband/Partner as a Necessary Support Person, Anatomy

Class 4:

First Stage Labor Expectations

Class 5:

Second Stage Labor Expectations, Third Stage Labor Expectations

Class 6:

Breastfeeding, Resolving Common Breastfeeding Concerns

Class 7:

Postpartum Expectations, Birth Plans, Options for Labor

Class 8:

Common Variations of Labor, Resolving Unexpected Situations, Husband/Partner Tips and Tricks

Class 9:

Labor Rehearsal, Newborn Expectations, Stages of Labor Review

Class 10:

Bringing Home Baby, First 6 Weeks, Resolving New Parent Concerns


  • During each class we will cover Comfort Measures, Relaxation Techniques, and/or Positions for Labor.
  • If you as students take the class into a slightly different direction, we cover those concerns/ideas and then continue.
  • Each topic will be thoroughly covered until everyone is comfortable with the information and how to integrate it into their lives.

By the end of your course, you should have all questions/concerns answered!!