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Comprehensive childbirth education class featuring evidence based birth.
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Mary is one of the most experienced independent childbirth educators in the Upstate.

This discussion-rich class features “The 6 Steps to Evidence Based Care”® by Evidence Based Birth®. It is filled with research backed information designed to challenge, encourage, empower, and prepare you and your partner for your upcoming birth experience. Check out the Course Itinerary for more details about what you can expect to learn during our time together.


This 3 hour workshop details how consumers can receive care that is current and evidence based. Though not a birth preparation class, it does highlight how to request and receive care that is backed by science and experience. Take it before pregnancy or anytime throughout!

Mary believes that birth has the capacity to transform and empower women and their families. She is a strong advocate for informed decision making and evidence based care in the maternity setting and feels women deserve to be educated and supported through pregnancy, birth, and during the postpartum experience.

Your journey to educated birth and parenthood is exciting and challenging. Join us!











  • Every woman has the right to receive all or most of her maternity care from a single caregiver or a small group of caregivers with whom she can establish a relationship.

  • Every woman has the right to leave her maternity caregiver and select another if she becomes dissatisfied with her care.

  • Learn more about your rights during pregnancy and childbirth here.


  • Data indicates that 34% of women consider their births traumatic.

  • You can reduce your risk by being an informed, active participant in your pregnancy care, labor, and birth,and by having access to evidence based maternity care.

  • Choose your support team and have the best birth you are able to have. Be informed, help make decisions, learn the benefits and risks, and gain confidence.

  • Find out how. Join us!


  • Every woman has the right to freedom of movement during labor, unencumbered by tubes, wires, or other apparatus.

  • You have the right to choose a maternity care provider who supports you in the normal processes of physiological birth.

  • You also have the right to give birth in the position of your choice.


  • A large body of scientific research shows that many widely used maternity care practices that involve risk and discomfort are of no benefit to low-risk women and infants.

  • Some practices that clearly offer important benefits are not widely used in U.S. hospitals. Midwifery-led care, water therapy, doula support, and exercise balls are a few examples.

A Special THANK YOU to my families and their photographers who have shared some beautiful moments for all of us to enjoy. For photography credits and contact info, please click here.