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I still teach a comprehensive, no-nonsense approach to childbirth that includes informed consent, partner participation, labor and birth expectations, postpartum care, newborn expectations, breastfeeding success, and much more! The major change in my curriculum is that I no longer distribute trademarked Bradley Method® materials or use any trademarked materials in my class.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I thought you taught The Bradley Method®. Why aren't you on their website anymore?

A: In September of 2015, I chose a different certifying organization called Informed Beginnings (InfoBe). This change was made after much thought and prayer, and more closely aligned with my own personal philosophies about having the best, most current, evidence based childbirth education course available. With this certification, I am required to complete continuing education, attend births, and stay up to date with studies, data, and maternity care trends, both locally and nationally.

I am also an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and am currently teaching a 6 week hybrid course. It’s exciting to be able to share the most current information on birth!

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Absolutely! I am happy to offer a plan that works for your budget needs. You will need to let me know prior to class starting what you plan to pay on which days. I’m flexible!

Q: Does insurance cover this class?

A: That’s a question for your insurance company! I am a certified childbirth educator and have a National Provider ID as a Health Educator with a taxonomy code. The class has a Diagnosis Code and Service Code that can be submitted for insurance purposes. Check with your insurance company or HR department for help.

Q: I have an FSA or HSA. Does this class qualify as an approved expense?

A: YES! Make sure to double check with your provider, but I have never had anyone’s FSA or HSA decline my course. You want to make sure to use all of your Flexible Spending each year!

Q: I don't have insurance, FSA, or HSA that helps me with the class costs. Is this class tax deductible?

A: Probably! You will want to check with your accountant, but over the years all the accountants I have asked have stated that this class can be included as an itemized medical deduction. I will provide your receipt for tax purposes. Again, this needs to be discussed with your CPA, but so far, so good!

Q: I will be out of town during one of the classes. How do I make it up?

A: The best part about this hybrid format is that classes 2 through 5 are online. We meet via computer or phone through an app called Zoom. And if you are driving, you can just call in and participate over the phone! It’s flexible and meets the needs of almost everyone!

Q: My partner will be unable to join me for some of the classes. What should I do?

A: If your partner is able to call in or join us from a different place during our Zoom sessions, that is fine. If s/he is unable to come to the in-person class, just bring a support person- your doula (welcome at any in-person class), a friend, mom, sister, aunt, cousin… really anyone who is supportive of your choices. If no one is available, come on and I will partner with you!

Q: I can't afford the class. What can I do?

A: Ultimately, I never want to turn anyone away for inability to pay. I can’t know that you are having trouble covering the costs of the course unless you tell me! So, send me an email and let’s figure this out together!

Q: I live too far away to drive each week. Do you offer classes over the web?

A: I can accept one couple at the Greenville location for Skyping. This location has the best internet connection. The cost of the course is still the same, and you will have your entire curriculum shipped to you ($10) prior to the start of the class.

Q: Your class has already started, but I want to get in. Can I start?

A: Please let me know if this is your circumstance. I’m happy to start another class if there is a need. The beauty of a 6 week course is that there are several to choose from!

Q: When do you recommend starting a class?

A: As soon as you can! The earlier you begin, the quicker you can implement new information and make any necessary changes. You also have more time to process information. Many times couples are worried they will forget all they learned. But no worries there, my friends! You are welcome to attend any of the series classes or a refresher class during the pregnancy that I offer, for no charge! This means that if you complete your class in September and your baby is due in February, you are welcome to join us for the January refresher class at no cost. You can also pop in on your favorite classes throughout the remainder of your pregnancy! After teaching for 9 years, the earlier couples take the class, the more relaxed they are for the remainder of their pregnancies!

Q: I have other questions you didn't answer here. Where do I contact you?

A: Email me at Mary@UpstateBirth.com or send me a text at 864-266-7321.