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Upstate Birth - Mind | Body | Baby A comprehensive childbirth education class featuring evidence based birth.
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Mary did such a great job teaching us first time parents the things we truly needed to know about pregnancy and birth. We will definitely be taking a refresher class from her when we have our next child. I recommend her class to everyone expecting- new parents or people that already have children. The knowledge you gain in this class is invaluable!

Christine W.

Mary was a fantastic knowledgeable instructor. We thoroughly enjoyed it. She teaches and discusses the information so well, we looked forward to coming to class every weekend. It really prepared us for our birth experience!

Lauren K.

This is the simply the BEST class around to prepare you and your significant other for childbirth! My husband and I learned so much through Mary's wealth of knowledge and interactive teaching style.
When you take a class from Mary, not only are you gaining much-needed skills, you are also gaining a wise and generous member of your support team in Mary herself. Even after finishing her childbirth class, Mary has stood by my husband and I; from coming to be at my side during my labor, to being a resource I can call on day and night if I have questions, she has shown what a caring and kind person she is. She truly loves what she teaches, but even more than that she loves to see her students grow and flourish. I cannot imagine a better class or teacher to prepare you for having a baby!

Katie Y.

My husband and I were so glad we made the decision to attend Mary's childbirth classes! We learned so much helpful information and felt well prepared going into our first experience. Mary obviously has done an extensive amount of research in so many areas related specifically to childbirth and just healthy living in general. I don't know of a better teacher and what you gain from any time and monetary sacrifice will be well worth it. When you take a class from Mary, not only are you gaining much-needed skills, you are also gaining a wise and generous member of your support team in Mary herself. Even after finishing her childbirth class, Mary has stood by my husband and I; from coming to be at my side during my labor, to being a resource I can call on day and night if I have questions, she has shown what a caring and kind person she is. She truly loves what she teaches, but even more than that she loves to see her students grow and flourish. I cannot imagine a better class or teacher to prepare you for having a baby!

Emily P.

I am so grateful for Mary and her class! We signed up for a childbirth class just because we thought we needed to, but it turned into one of the most important things we did during my pregnancy. The information I learned during this class changed me for the better. Beyond the facts and information, I learned to make clear, knowledgeable decisions about each step of the process and my ability to make those decisions for myself changed the outcome of my whole labor situation. The confidence that my husband and I gained in our ability to decide for ourselves and our baby based on things we learned is priceless. We cannot recommend Mary and her class enough!!

Jackie B.

My husband and I had a great experience in this class. It was very informative and did a wonderful job of helping us, as first time parents, to know what to expect and how to prepare. The instructor, Mary, is outstanding. We highly recommend this class to any parents that are expecting.

Katie R.

Mary's classes are fun, supportive, educational, and thorough. We took her class before our first and it was eye-opening and empowering! We took a refresher later, realizing how valuable her instruction is. You form a bond with other parents in her class- we have good friendships years later thanks to her class! It functions like a sortof support group in the end, because you're all learning and going through preparation together. But best of all, Mary's style of teaching is really enjoyable and valuable. She's experienced, knowledgable, and accessible. Best class I could imagine!

Tara D.

My husband was hesitant to take Mary's course, but after just one class, he saw the value because Mary not only goes through birthing but also every aspect of pregnancy and post partum! Her detailed education of prenatal/birthing care combined with her extensive knowledge of natural practices made her class beneficial beyond what I had even hoped! If this is your first pregnancy or fifth, you will learn much from Mary's course!

Charity G.

I am so glad my husband and I took this class! Mary is an incredible teacher and made the information easy to understand. If you're looking for the best, then this is it!

Jennifer B.

Mary is the best! My husband and I had learned so much in her classes. I felt prepared of what my body was going to do during birth and my husband was by my side helping by either massaging, moving, or just vocal support. My midwife was even impressed of how much we were a team. Mary will answer all your questions and more, she is a great educator and I highly recommend her.

Emily Y.

For the birth of my second child, I knew that I wanted a completely different experience. I wanted to know more about the birthing process and trust that my body was made to give birth naturally, unmedicated. I count my lucky stars that I was referred to Mary Kury. I signed my husband and I up for the birthing course not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into, but we knew that at the very least we would pick up a few tips and tricks and hope for the best. We were 30 minutes late to the class so missed the initial introductions, but as soon as Mary started educating us, I knew that we had made the right decision to not only attend this class but to be taught by Mary. She is not only entertaining but incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. She's like the teacher/friend you wished you had. The lessons were jam packed with incredibly helpful lessons, and my husband and I felt more than prepared for the birth of our second child. There is absolutely no reason NOT to take this course if you are expecting!

Tia P.

As first time parents, my husband and I were grateful for the detailed information in this class, paired with real life anecdotes from Mary's own experience. She is passionate about educating people about childbirth and pregnancy so they can make the best decisions for their family. Great class!!

Tracy S.

As a massage therapist and doula, I sincerely recommend Mary’s class. She covers everything you would possibly need to know to make informed decisions for your baby’s birth. To top it off, Mary is a super-fun lady, and I’d love to take her class over and over, just spend time with her!!!
I first took Mary’s class with my husband in 2010 and her refresher again in 2013. I can say her instruction was invaluable. She more than prepared us for labor and delivery, she helped us feel confident and empowered about the process, and she educated us about all available birthing options. Thanks to Mary, labor wasn’t “scary.” She provided us with the tools and know-how we needed to get through the various stages of labor. Attending her class was a joy. We honestly looked forward to it every week. We not only learned a lot, but we made some lifelong friends!!

Nadine G.

My plan was to have an unmedicated birth. We were searching for different classes, for weeks. Finally, we decided to take Mary's classes. She helped eliminate my fear and doubt. She thoroughly prepared us for parenthood. She provided us with a wealth of knowledge that we still use. She even prepared us for the unexpected. The most important thing to me was breastfeeding (everything was important). She taught me a lot of information that is allowing me to still feed my 12 month baby boy. She is an outside of the box thinker. She is very passionate about child birth. I would have been totally lost if I didn't take the class. She is constantly researching various information on child birth to ensure we are fully prepared for labor, delivery, postpartum... I am not sure if we would have been successful in an unmedicated birth if we had not been in Mary's classes. Thanks Mary.

Sheena F.

My wife and I cannot recommend Mary's class enough; whenever any friends of ours announce they are expecting, my wife practically forces them to sign up.
To put it simply, we really had no idea how much we didn't know until we took the class. We took it as a formality, but by the time the class was over we both felt that we couldn't fathom what it would have been like to walk through the childbirth process together without the information we had gained from the course.

Grayson H.

Mary is a phenomenal person and educator! She is passionate about equipping moms and dads with information so that they can enter parenthood knowledgeably! Her warm spirit and wealth of information made this nervous mommy-to-be feel at ease about my ability to birth my child in the most natural way possible!! Her classes allowed us to meet other sweet couples that were likeminded. Honestly, I can't say enough positive things about Mary! I'm thankful to have her as a lifelong teacher and friend

Josh-Megan B.

We already had two kids before taking Mary's class. I had interventions with both. However, after taking Mary's class. We were able to have our third boy completely intervention free! We could definitely tell the difference in recovery and with my son. It was totally worth it, and will do a refresher if God blesses us with another!

Brown C.

Mary's evidence based class is exactly what both my husband and I needed to prepare for the physical and psychological demands of labor. I knew I wanted a drug-free birth, but that's about it. Mary gave me the tools necessary to be an advocate for myself and daughter in the delivery room (I cannot emphasize enough how important this is). Not only did she prepare us for the rest of my pregnancy and labor, but she also gave us all the tools we needed postpartum. She helped with breastfeeding concerns, things to look out for, what not to worry about (this is crucial), and future contacts. Mary also stayed in touch with us answering any lingering questions we might have after the class concluded.
To be specific, as much as I wanted, my labor and delivery did not go exactly as I had desired. Had it not been for Mary, I am sure I would have ended up having a c-section. Not only that, because of Mary's class, I was able to immediately recognize that my daughter had an upper lip tie and get that remedied.
In short, Mary's class gives you the tools to recognize the power within yourself to give birth normally.

Emily R.

My husband and I took Mary's pilot class in 2008. It was so much more informative than I ever thought a childbirth class could be. Mary truly prepared us to accomplish the natural birth we desired. We have since had a total of four natural births, taking one refresher class somewhere in the middle, and are planning our fifth in February 2017. Each birth has been so different, and brought its array of unexpected things, but Mary's class had us ready to tackle whatever came our way. I highly recommend Mary's class to ANYONE, whether they're planning a ``natural`` birth or just not sure what is coming their way during pregnancy, birth, nursing, and caring for a newborn. Over the last 8 years, Mary has continued to be a sweet friend and has always been available to answer any new questions I have had.

Brisa K.

I could not say enough wonderful things about Mary's child birth class! Almost 9 months later I still refer back to my notes if I have a question about baby care. Not only did her class prepare me for birth, but also for motherhood. She is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural pregnancy and birth. Her class was the perfect compliment to the our birth story and was worth every penny. As a mother to be, it's easy to worry, but her class truly puts you at ease and enables you to enjoy the amazing pregnancy and birth journey. She has such a passion for what she does and it shows through in every class! She addresses everything from pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to infant care and breastfeeding. It was such an amazing experience for me and my husband. It was like a date night every week and a time where we could learn, reconnect and prepare for the birth of our baby. She is so easy to talk to and presents information in such a way that you never even feel like you are in a class, but at the end both you and your partner feel confident and empowered to bring your child into the world no matter the environment or circumstances! The class environment is open and welcoming and she invites you to make your own decisions about your birth with the information presented. I especially felt her information, while rooted in years of child birth experience was also up to date and presented with the most recent evidence based research. Every birth is special, but I know ours would not have been the same without the help of Mary. The day our daughter was born was truly the most magical day of our lives. After a long labor, where we recalled many of the things Mary had taught us we welcomed our daughter into the world after an hour of pushing what now seems like only a few minutes. We were able to make informed decisions along the way that we know contributed to her safe arrival. Mary's class will always hold a special place in our hearts and I love that it will always be intertwined with the birth of our daughter! So my advice to any expectant parents would be to go and take her class. The peace of mind alone is worth in in knowing your will be well prepared for the journey! Thanks Mary!!

Julie G.

My husband and I took Mary's class in 2013 and it was the single best thing I did for my delivery. Mary has such a gentle but informative approach. She truly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to birth and babies. Her dedication to promoting evidence based birth and her way of explaining things is such a comfort, whether you are a new mom or not. I felt well prepared for my birth after taking Mary's class. So many of my questions were answered promptly. She was excellent about responding to emails and just so very helpful. I highly recommend Mary's class to everyone expecting. It's well worth it!

Christen J.

I took this class with my husband in 2013 and then a refresher in 2015. We have had a great experience with Mary as our instructor. Having a multi-week class is a great opportunity for a couple to spend time together learning about birth. It strengthened us as a couple and gave my husband the confidence to coach me through the birthing process. We had two natural births, and without the knowledge that both of us learned from the class we would have not been able to do it.

Shannon S.

Mary Kury is an extremely knowledgeable and hilarious evidence based childbirth educator! If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant you need to take her class! You will learn a wealth of knowledge about everything (nutrition, labor pain management, birth position techniques, your birth rights and so much more) surrounding birth so that you can make informed choices and feel confident going into your pregnancy, labor and birth! I cannot recommend her enough!!!

Michelle C.

Mary is awesome, that is all. Her childbirth class is a wonderful learning experience that leaves you 100% prepared to give birth, and also ready for those first few weeks postpartum. I was a 2nd time mom when my husband and I took her class, we still learned so much! We are so fortunate to have a kind soul like Mary Kury in our area.

Sara E.

We took Mary's class recently before the birth of our first child, who we had at home. This is so much more than a ``birth`` how-to, it is comprehensive education on how to stay healthy throughout pregnancy & into post-partum. Mary gave us the confidence we needed to rock the birth! Everyone could benefit from this class. (Garrett & Neely)

Neely M.

As a father of two darling girls, Mary's Childbirth Education course was indispensable to the start of my parenting adventure.
Let me first say that initially, I was daunted when my wife brought up the course. It seemed like a significant time commitment amidst a job transition, moving houses and the other parenting preparations that come with a firstborn. I'll also admit I may have been a bit intimidated by the ``husband-coach`` philosophy. However, my wife had done exhaustive research and was adamant that this was far and away the best approach - after looking over everything with her, we made our commitment.
Few feelings are as frustrating as watching your loved one face a tremendous challenge and feeling helpless and unequipped to support her. With the help of Mary's coursework and instruction, I was empowered and confident throughout the pregnancy and birth of both of our daughters. Our nurses at Greenville Memorial Hospital even recognized and applauded my knowledge and engagement when our first daughter was born.
The wisdom and tools Mary imparted on us gave me crucial confidence to facilitate Lauren through the exhausting challenges of childbirth, advocate in the best interests of the most important people in my life, and take every measure to ensure the health and well-being of my loved ones would be made the highest priority.
Beyond the end result, the courses themselves were comfortable and enjoyable in addition to being incredibly informative. Mary does an excellent job developing the curriculum, finding a multitude of ways to engage her students, and providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that pregnancy and the birthing process entail. No matter the difficulty that we may face, we felt prepared to overcome it using an arsenal of tactics we learned in Mary's class.
We were also encouraged to see other prospective parents shared our questions and concerns. By sharing the experience, we benefited from the questions they posed which we may not have thought to ask otherwise, and it was comforting to see first-hand that we weren't alone in this daunting endeavor.
It wasn't just the medical knowledge and insight - while those were absolutely vital - but the other advice she shared as well - changes of clothes, making a playlist, having plenty of snacks and a jumbo-sized water cup, relaxation tactics, conditioning strategies - just to name a few. Mary is exhaustive in preparing her students on every front to conquer the challenges of childbirth.
This was far and away one of the best investments we made as we embarked on our journey into parenthood. Fathers are supposed to protect, provide for, and support their families. This course gave me the power to protect the best interests and health of my wife and children, provide her with guidance, encouragement and coaching she needed, and support her to champion one of the most trying events in her life.
My wife will also testify how reassuring it was to know I was informed and prepared. Without reservation, she was able to focus her full attention on the labor process, confident that I was attuned to everything throughout the experience and making sure everything was handled and executed as we'd intended.
Future Dads - don't be intimidated. Man up! You owe it to your wife and your children to be informed and engaged to make the best decisions for your family's future. This course enables you to start making those decisions from - quite literally - there first seconds on this earth, and earlier.
I cannot begin to list the countless benefits and insights I took away from this course and applied in the months leading up to, and more crucially the day of, the births of our children.
Our family sends its deepest gratitude to Mary and her relentless dedication to empowering parents to be unequivocally informed and prepared to provide their precious children the best start to life attainable.
Take this class - you definitely won't regret it.

Drew C.